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Shopping in Medellin
Shopping Tip 1:  Take a taxi to the shopping mall and get dropped off at the entrance.

Shopping Tip 2:  Remember, everything is negotiable in Centro Commercial.  So get the best price you can!  Safety Alert:  Suggest you only shop in Centro during daylight hours.

Shopping Tip 3:  Pay with cash (Pesos) and you'll be able to negotiate an even lower price!

Shopping Tip 4:  Check the local paper (El Colombiano) for sales and get to the Store early.

Here are some of the of the best places to shop:

Oviedo Mall
Located in the heart of El Poblado with over 100 stores, restaurants and  modern cinema.  Exquisite shops offer beautiful window displays that tease interested shoppers to stroll in for a closer look. Oviedo has a modern multiplex Cinema with preferred seating and great popcorn!  (Mall Locations)

San Diego Mall
Located about 15 minutes by taxi from El Poblado.  This is a large mall with over 75 stores and numerous restaurants.  Opened in the early 70's, this popular and modern mall has kept up with the times. 
(Mall Locations)

El Tesoro Parque Comercial
One of the largest commercial centers, sporting walkways with fantastic views overlooking the city.  With numerous restaurants and a modern multiplex Cinema with preferred seating and great popcorn!
(Mall Locations)

Centro Comercial Palacio Nacional

Originally the Palacio Nacional (The National Palace). With nearly two hundred shops Centro Comercial offers something for everyone. (Mall Locations)

La Frontera Mall
Small strip mall with a few coffee shop type restaruants.
(Mall Locations)

Central Mayorista is located in the Santa María neighborhood of the city of Itagüí, just 10 minutes from downtown Medellín and close to the Ayurá Metro Station. The Mayorista Has EVERYTHING
Grains, groceries, canned goods, fruits and vegetables, Supermarkets with home delivery and Butcher shops. 
(Map Location)
Medellin, Colombia is a shoppers paradise and hub for the textile and fashion industry.  Major name brands are available throughout Medellin. Modern shopping malls encircle the city and are the major meeting points for people of all ages. You can find just about anything your looking for by visiting the shopping areas identified below.

Make your shopping easy and fun by following our Shopping Tips!
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Medellin Colombia Map Locations
Check out our Interative Map with over 200 Medellin Locations.

Medellin Map Locations
Photo San Fernando Plaza Medellin Colombia
Santa Fe Mall Medellin, Colombia
One of the newest malls in Medellin with over 430 shops and restaurants.  (Mall Locations)
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Photo Medellin Visitor Guide